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Blissfully Lost

I fell into a self-induced stupor,

Thinking of nothing and thinking of everything.

Thoughts raced through my mind,

Like a flood of water raging through my mind

And each particle was an entirely different and complete entity.

I felt like I was going somewhere and nowhere at all in the same space and time.

The short and metallic strokes of the drums kept running in place.

The keyboard belted out a strange tune that was melody, harmony, countermelody and

Dissident chord.

The bass drummed out something to add sustenance to the drums.

And I lost myself in it.

Words accompanied it, the same ones over and over in an endless mantra,

And by the time it ended,

I felt as if my mind had been cleaned, emptied and filled

In the time span of eight minutes.

It was mindless, dulling; like running on a treadmill.

It was relaxing and nothing at the same time.

For once,

I was at peace.